Kaise Kare Interview Ki Taiyari Puri Jankari

How to prepare for the interview – In this post of today we have come up with such information for you. Which is quite important. And many students are upset with this. So, we have come up with this information to overcome the problems of the people. How do we prepare for interviews for you? It has come up with complete information. Because this job has a very strong link. But Modi has ended the interview in the state government’s job.

इंटरव्यू की तैयारी कैसे करे

Interview Ki Taiyari Kaise Kare

We are giving you some tips to prepare for the interview. And you must apply it because when you are going to give an interview then you will not be nervous. And go through a lot of good things and good looks and wear good clothes because your entire style is seen in the interview. So you read this information carefully.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Read from your earliest.
  • Ready to ask questions and ask
  • Choose professional formal clothes for yourself
  • Practice interview
  • Prepare for a clear question during the interview
  • Keeping Strategies to Combat Stress
  • Find information about the company you are going to interview on the Internet
  • Know the address where the interview is going

Step 2: Your first impression is counted

Friends, you must have heard that “first impression is the last impression” i.e. the first impression is always remembered. So remember this when going to interview.

  • Come on well (do not lie down)
  • Enter in the interview room well.
  • Take care of body language such as handshaking, posture, eye contact
  • And smile sure

P3: Interview round

During the interview:

  • be yourself
  • Be honest
  • Ready to talk – but not too much
  • Do not be afraid to ask for clarification
  • Explain your answer with your example.
  • Remember the people taking the interview you are interested in

Step 4: The Last Stand

Remember when your interview ends:

  • Say hello to the employer
    Remember that experience and take feedback.

By following these 4 steps, you will be able to prepare yourself for the interview and will be selected.

इंटरव्यू मे पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

Questions-What is your greatest weakness?

Where you will be asked about your strength, your weakness will also be asked what is your weakness? So you have to tell them that you will have to answer in the interview about what your biggest weakness is.

Questions- Tell me about yourself ?

Telling yourself about it means that you have to tell me something about yourself first of all where you have your name, where? What about your family and your background, your qualification?, What is your hobby? All these information will be disclosed.

Questions-Why should we hire you ?

The reason why the company you are interviewing will hire you because of this you have to give a little bit of attachment so that they feel that you are a worthy person for this job.

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